I Heart You Quilt

Pen + Paper Patterns and Then Came June recently hosted a sew along for their quilt pattern, I Heart You. I managed not only to use all stash for this quilt but also kept up with the sew along. The background blue is all Moda Grunge. For the speech bubbles I used various low volume and white on white prints. The hearts are a variety of scraps. Scraps for the back as well along with tiny polka-dot flannel.

quilt backing with flannel and scraps

Lots of stitch skipping issues on the quilting. I think it was a variety of reasons. One being that I used a fairly small needle, 75/11. Another couple being that I go very fast and may have been going in directions my machines wasn’t happy about. My next quilt I used a size 14 top-stitch needle and started to have the same issue but it stopped once I slowed a bit and focused more on having the loopy doodles work away from me or more directly side to side. That change was based on a YouTube video from Leah Day.

completed I Heart You quilt

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